Incanto is a name that seeks to inspire dreams, stimulating all of the senses and creating a truly special moment thanks to the excellence of the Italian food and wine tradition.


Incanto is an initiative that is set in the Framework of the ancient and noble tradition of the négociant, a French term that indicates the merchant who sought out and selected products from small winemakers and sold them with his own label.

Starting with wines, Incanto has extended its search to different categories of Italian food and wine products, all nevertheless selected with the same rigorous criteria of quality, craftsmanship, refinement and connection with the territory.

Our Mission

Synonymous with quality, craftsmanship, refinement and Italian character, Incanto intends to facilitate the dissemination of authentic, excellent Italian food and wine products to a selected audience of foodies, while providing them with the tools to deepen their knowledge of the product at the same time.

To maintain very high-quality standards, it is fundamental to work with small Italian artisans, located in different regions of Italy, in order to allow Italian and foreign connoisseurs to taste and appreciate the best niche products of the Italian tradition.


Connoisseurs of culinary excellence want to associate a unique element of pleasure with singular moments in their day, allowing them to taste and remember that moment.

The label of a quality wine, perhaps observed during the tasting, serves to complete these moments. The Incanto artwork, designed by Luca Barcellona – international reference name in contemporary calligraphy – comprises in an image the meticulous simplicity of gestures made with the brush, with their natural and material complexity, which are structured by overlapping and creating movement , so that the sensory experience of a sip of wine also brings with it a visual memory.