The Incanto partners are selected on the basis of their ability to maintain and transmit the distinctive elements of the Italian regions in which they operate.

Luca Anselmi - Azienda Agricola Falezze

The Anselmi family has been cultivating the Falezze Terroir for three generations, in the Municipality of Mezzane di Sotto, Illasi – Verona. The plot is gently sloping, with an incline of between 5% and 30%. The land is located between 200 and 250 m asl, the exposure is from south-west to north-west.

The Product

The wines are made using high-quality corvinone, corvina and rondinella grapes, exclusively grown in single-variety vineyards and meticulously controlled. The vines are arranged in the Veronese pergola system, the perfect positioning to reach very high-quality standards. Thanks to its natural slope, the terrain allows for a staggered grape harvest with quality control performed on each individual bunch. The drying phase is carried out according to ancient traditions without resorting to unnatural procedures.
From the cultivation of the grapes to the bottling, no extraneous interventions are implemented in order to ensure genuine traceability. Two years after bottling, before we affix our labels, we carry out a qualitative check to make sure that our high standards have been maintained.

Azienda Agricola Salvatore Murana Vini

Salvatore Murana has always had a passion for wine and, since childhood, he has breathed, seen and experienced harvesting and winemaking. A descendant of “Pantelleria” winemakers for six generations, he dedicated himself body and soul first to the cultivation of Zibibbo grapes and then to his wine production.

The Terroir

The ancient vineyards of Salvatore Murana currently extend over about 17 hectares of land, of very young volcanic origin, in different locations on the island, with different climatic and geological conditions: Martingana, Gadir, Mueggen, Khamma, Coste, Ghirlanda and Barone. These are specific soils, with peculiar characteristics for distinctive products, united by the personality and character of the producer himself.

The Product

Salvatore Murana defines his product as follows: “It is the deep breath of the volcano; it is the ancient passion that drives us to move forward but at the same time conditions all choices. Every day, season after season, always with the same enthusiasm, they push us to continue the search for excellent wine, a wine capable of fully enhancing the typical characteristics of our land”.

Distilleria Artigiana Carlo Gobetti

The experience of an ancient family of distillers, operating in the Verona area since 1836, lead to the creation of spirits that are the result of long and continuous work in refining distillation techniques. The current distilling column is a copy of the one used by the great-great-grandfather Abramo. Only the boiling system has changed, direct fire has been replaced by a steam bain-marie boiler to allow better temperature regulation.

The Product

Whether it is fruit or pomace, the spirits obtained from this special still preserve the typical characteristics of the raw ingredients from which they are made.
In addition to the classic production of spirits at 50%, the optimal gradation to enhance the natural aromas and fragrances of the raw ingredients, Carlo Gobetti offers some full-strength brandies called “Tuttogrado”.

Azienda Agricola Federico Castellucci

The Castellucci family has been vinifying exclusively Verdicchio for three generations. The company started with the grandmother Fermina. It was an estate of single rows, interspersed with mulberry plants. However, it was subsequently developed, with an installation in 1966, by Corrado, father of Federico – current owner of the farm – of the first modernly structured vineyard in Montecarotto, the heart of the Verdicchio Classico area.
Federico Castellucci has travelled extensively. He covered important institutional positions within the world of wine, tasting the best wines of the five continents, and then, enriched with these experiences, returning to his Marche to manage the family wine business.

The Terroir

The surface of the vineyards stretches for about 16 hectares on the rolling hills of the Castelli di Jesi, all in the oldest area that boasts the “Classic” name. The lands, characterised by different and complementary expositions and compositions, contribute to producing a Verdicchio firmly rooted in tradition. This wine has an elegant structure, an intense and harmonious bouquet and a great longevity.

The Product

The focus on sustainable viticulture, combined with the use of techniques aimed at enhancing the naturalness of the wine produced, give rise to a harmonious synergy between the territory, the quality of cultivation and human savoir-faire: these are the three pillars of a terroir of excellence. The result is a Classic Verdicchio of great elegance and beautiful structure, with recognisable floral and almond aromas. A wine with all the characteristics of the best tradition, which conquers even the most demanding consumer thanks to its persistent taste and balanced harmony.

Barolo Ferrero di Renato Ferrero

The Ferrero family has been vinifying the Langhe traditional wines since the beginning of the XX century, in the small village of Annunziata in La Morra, a terroir of immense value for the Barolo production. The company, still managed by the family, started with the grandfather Settimo Giuseppe. Even then, the precious grapes of Nebbiolo were vinified with the utmost care and passion, as testified by the plaque received in 1933 by La Morra city council for the wines’ great excellence.

The Terroir

Part of the property vineyards are located around the estate, while the remaining ones are situated in the near Manzoni village, where still remains an ancient cantina used solely for Barolo DOCG Bricco Manzoni ageing: a sublime Barolo produced only in the best vintages. The colour, scent and taste of Ferrero wines are given by various terroirs of different expositions, altitudes and soil compositions. All the terroirs are located in La Morra area, a traditional land for the greatest excellence of Langhe wines.

The Product

The Ferrero estate stretches along 5 hectares, of which 3 are of property lands; the comprehensive wine production amounts approximately to 25.000 bottles per year. The entire line of Ferrero production is dedicated to Langhe’s traditional wines. Renato Ferrero, the current owner of the company, personally cares for his wines, from harvest to bottling, working both in the vineyards and in the winery. His knowledge allows him to form the wine in the vineyards in an extremely natural way, with only little finishing touches made in the winery, in order to respect nature and the ancient traditions of Langhe wines.