Luca Anselmi

44°38’14.487”N 7°57’16.500”E

Azienda Agricola Falezze

Luca Anselmi


The Anselmi family has been cultivating the Falezze Terroir for three generations, in the Municipality of Mezzane di Sotto, Illasi – Verona. The plot is gently sloping, with an incline of between 5% and 30%. The land is located between 200 and 250 m asl, the exposure is from south-west to north-west.

Landscape of Illasi

The Product

The wines are made using high-quality Corvinone, Corvina and Rondinella grapes, exclusively grown in single-variety vineyards and meticulously controlled. The vines are arranged in the Veronese pergola system, the perfect positioning to reach very high-quality standards. Thanks to its natural slope, the terrain allows for a staggered grape harvest with quality control performed on each individual bunch. The drying phase is carried out according to ancient traditions without resorting to unnatural procedures.
From the cultivation of the grapes to the bottling, no extraneous interventions are implemented in order to ensure genuine traceability. Two years after bottling, before we affix our labels, we carry out a qualitative check to make sure that our high standards have been maintained.

Luca’s products