Bottle of Tuttogrado Amarone pomace aquavit

TUTTOGRADO - Amarone pomace aquavit

The pomace is what gives life to our precious Amarone: it is selected directly in the cellar at the time of racking, it is left wet and immediately stored in special sealed containers. Preserving the pomace is fundamental for the correct continuation of fermentation and the success of distillation.

This Aquavit is still obtained from the family alembic and it preserves the typical characteristics of the raw ingredients from which it is made. The goodness of the pomace and the refined distillation technique of Carlo Gobetti come together to produce a full-graded aquavit, called “Tuttogrado” and guarantee the perfumes and natural aromas of the raw ingredients are exalted.

In order to create a truly excellent product, a very limited number of bottles of Tuttogrado is produced.