Incanto enhances Italian food and wine products, placing itself in the wake of the ancient and noble tradition of the négociant.


Incanto was created from the desire of some young wine and food enthusiasts, with different skills and backgrounds but with a single goal, to enhance Italian products through research, selection and promotion of authentic niche craft excellence.

Incanto’s perfect reference is the traditional figure of the négociant, who selected and collected products from small winemakers then sold them and gave them added value.


The products selected by Incanto are chosen according to strict criteria of quality, craftsmanship, sophistication and Italian character. The brand is affixed only after a meticulous check of the entire supply chain has been completed.
The range of the offer includes wine, brandies, oil and food, all carefully selected from among the excellent products to be found in the Italian food and wine tradition.

Our Partners

Incanto seeks out and selects small high-quality food & beverage producers, based on their ability to transmit the values and characteristics of their territory in a unique and distinctive way, through a craft production process compliant with the highest quality standards in the sector.

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