Azienda Agricola Federico Castellucci

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Azienda Agricola Federico Castellucci
Castelli di Jesi

Federico Castellucci


The Castellucci family has been vinifying exclusively Verdicchio for three generations. The company started with the grandmother Fermina. It was an estate of single rows, interspersed with mulberry plants. However, it was subsequently developed, with an installation in 1966, by Corrado, father of Federico – current owner of the farm – of the first modernly structured vineyard in Montecarotto, the heart of the Verdicchio Classico area.
Federico Castellucci has travelled extensively. He covered important institutional positions within the world of wine, tasting the best wines of the five continents, and then, enriched with these experiences, returning to his Marche to manage the family wine business.

Landscape of Castelli di Jesi in Italy

The Terroir

The surface of the vineyards stretches for about 16 hectares on the rolling hills of the Castelli di Jesi, all in the oldest area that boasts the “Classic” name. The lands, characterised by different and complementary expositions and compositions, contribute to producing a Verdicchio firmly rooted in tradition. This wine has an elegant structure, an intense and harmonious bouquet and a great longevity.

The Product

The focus on sustainable viticulture, combined with the use of techniques aimed at enhancing the naturalness of the wine produced, give rise to a harmonious synergy between the territory, the quality of cultivation and human savoir-faire: these are the three pillars of an excellent terroir.
The result is a Classic Verdicchio of great elegance and beautiful structure, with recognisable floral and almond aromas. A wine with all the characteristics of the best tradition, which conquers even the most demanding consumer thanks to its persistent taste and balanced harmony.