Carlo Gobetti

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Distilleria Artigiana Carlo Gobetti
Lake Garda

Carlo Gobetti


The experience of an ancient family of distillers, operating in the Verona area since 1836, lead to the creation of spirits that are the result of long and continuous work in refining distillation techniques. The current distilling column is a copy of the one used by the great-great-grandfather Abramo. Only the boiling system has changed, direct fire has been replaced by a steam bain-marie boiler to allow better temperature regulation.

Gobetti Alembic

The Product

Whether it is fruit or pomace, the spirits obtained from this special still preserve the typical characteristics of the raw ingredients from which they are made.
In addition to the classic production of spirits at 50%, the optimal gradation to enhance the natural aromas and fragrances of the raw ingredients, Carlo Gobetti offers some full-strength brandies called “Tuttogrado”.