Azienda Agricola Salvatore Murana Vini

36°83’18.500”N 11°94’36.200”E

Azienda Agricola Salvatore Murana Vini

Salvatore Murana


Salvatore Murana has always had a passion for wine and, since childhood, he has breathed, seen and experienced harvesting and winemaking. A descendant of “Pantelleria” winemakers for six generations, he dedicated himself body and soul first to the cultivation of Zibibbo grapes and then to his wine production.

View of Pantelleria in Sicily

The Terroir

The ancient vineyards of Salvatore Murana currently extend over about 17 hectares of land, of very young volcanic origin, in different locations on the island, with different climatic and geological conditions: Martingana, Gadir, Mueggen, Khamma, Coste, Ghirlanda and Barone. These are specific soils, with peculiar characteristics for distinctive products, united by the personality and character of the producer himself.

The Product

Salvatore Murana defines his product as follows: “It is the deep breath of the volcano; the ancient passion that drives us to move forward but at the same time conditions all choices. Every day, season after season, always with the same enthusiasm, they push us to continue the search for excellent wine, a wine capable of fully enhancing the typical characteristics of our land”.