Giancarlo Barbieri

40°57’45.000”N 14°53’05.028”E

Azienda vitivinicola Sertura

Giancarlo Barbieri


After many years spent as the enologist and consultant of the best wineries of the territory, Giancarlo Barbieri finally decides to make his own wines, founding the Sertura winery. The quality of his wines comes from his constant presence in the vineyards and the deep attention to the vineyards.

Sertura terroir


The vineyards are mostly located in two areas: in the Prata di Principato Ultra township (Vallimai terroir) and in the Montefalcione township (San Marco terroir), a small upside hill town near Avellino. The lands, located at 380/400m above sea level, are particulary fruitful and productive, with a long and ancient winemaking tradition.

The Product

The total area of Sertura winery’s property lands is currently of 4 hectars. The entire production is focused on Irpinia traditional wines. Giancarlo Barbieri, head of the winery, personally takes care of the whole winemaking process, from the vineyards to the vinification. His deep knowledge allows him to focus on the vines and the terroir, enhancing the ancient heritage and expressing the purest tradition and original nature of this land.